RoadMap, 2021

14/03/2021 Kickstart
16/03/2021 REPT Token
17/03/2021 REPT Faucet
20/03/2021 REPT Wallet
24/03/2021 REPT Market
27/03/2021 Withdraw
29/03/2021 REPT Battles
31/03/2021 Loot Boxes
Q3/2021 Rept Mobile
Q4/2021 Cross-Chain

Website created.

Token Info. Faucet Wallet Market

NFTs and BCH withdraw is available! Go and check your Rept Wallet

Rept Battles are tournaments that you can play with your NFTs.
Earn, play, win, upgrade.

You can purchase Loot Boxes on the Website. Choose the number of boxes you would like to purchase, click Pay with BCH.

The REPT Mobile App / Wallet will be available for download – free for both iOS and Android.

Get REPT NFT on BCH and send/swap them to Ethereum and various other blockchains.