Send the Reptilian you want to join the battle with to the Wallet SLP address. After that you can join in wallet.
After you join a tournament, you can't withdraw or list that REPT before tournament end.

In order to level up your Rept, you need to win Rept Battle.
The higher you level them up, the more value and rarity.
The winner is chosen by the votes of the ReptLink users.
When it comes to a certain number(15 for now) of votes, the winner token of the tournament will level up, the other token of the tournament will level down(min. common).
If tournament won't end in 24 hours, tournament ends and the winner gets 5 credit, other holder will not receive or lose anything.

Those who vote for the winner earn LevelPoints, LevelPoints can be used as follows:
10 LevelPoint: Uncommon -> Common
20 Level Credits: Common -> Rare
50 Level Credits: Rare -> Epic
100 Level Credits: Epic -> Legendary
1000 Level Credits: Legendary -> Mythical.

Each member has one vote per battle. 0.0002 BCH per vote

You can vote in Tournament section with 0.00002 BCH ~ 0.01$.